Terri Billings

To Whom It May Concern

 I began the process of working with Matthew at Time Share Cancel (.com) to dissolve a timeshare contract for my aging parents with a large dose of uncertainty and mixed levels of anxiety. We have now achieved the result we started out working toward. Matthew did an exceptional job. Throughout the long process I would occasionally question the process Matthew laid out and I would doubt the Time Share Cancel company. Matthew returned my calls promptly after each inquiry and after speaking with him I felt more confident in the process, or in his ability to be fair with refunding my parents their money if our desired result was not attained.

 My parents had not used their timeshare vacation for several years and didn’t know what to do next. They tried to get out of the timeshare contract with an illegitimate company which cost them $2,000. My parents were frustrated and confused. I told them I would help them find a way to
terminate the contract.

 I contacted many different companies and spent a great deal of time trying to understand the industry and how individuals could terminate a timeshare contract. Before talking with Matthew I had narrowed our prospects down to two companies. Each cost between $3-$6,000. I was unnerved that those processes included many large fees which seemed to be going back into the timeshare industry: closing fee’s, title fees, etc. It didn’t feel right
and I was angry over my parents having to spend more money to give away what they had considered an investment.

 I found Matthew on-line and had an enlightening telephone conversation with him about the industry and how his company assists people out of timeshare contracts. He was articulate, informed, and claimed to be successful helping people like us. In addition to being knowledgeable he was kind, and I liked him. Basically, it was on these grounds that I moved forward with his company. I was reluctant to trust him because this industry exploits
that value. In addition, being a business person myself, I knew paying upfront for a future service is not traditionally wise. However, when I asked Matthew about this his reasoning for this practice seemed rational.

 It took about 12 months from start to finish to complete the entire process. It now it is done! My parents contact is terminated. We have Matthew and Timeshare Cancel to thank. There was one initial payment and we never paid another fee to Matthew thereafter. The cost was reasonable and much less
that the $3-6,000 mentioned above. The fee didn’t include any costs paid back into the timeshare industry. I don’t know what the overhead costs are to run the Timeshare Cancel company, but if my parents initial and only payment went directly into Matthew’s pocket I couldn’t be more happy. His cost is fair. We had several action steps over the year where Matthew and his team counseled us on what to do next. We just followed his advice and the process has been a success.

 My mom had tears in her eyes when she signed the deed which terminated their ownership in the timeshare; these were not tears of joy. The entire
experience was mostly unpleasant for them, yet as their child I am glad it is over. Time Share Cancel was low in cost. Matthew was a delight for me
to work along side. I am relieved that the process is over and that my gut instinct to trust Matthew and his company turned out to be the right thing.
I am grateful for their excellent business and legal help, and for their professionalism and kindness.

Sincerely – Terri Billings