Cheri and James Tusia

A Letter of Reference

 We are a couple who naively purchased a timeshare when our children were small, thinking that we could travel the world. Then of course our bubble burst. Like many other families, we were led to believe that we could trade in our timeshare for other destinations only to find that we would have to book at least two years in advance, just to get our ninth choice of places to stay. Of course no one told us that in order to travel we had to also belong to RCI, other dues, and our maintenance fees would continually go up every year, and to top it off, they were always changing the stipulations on travel fees, Yikes!

 Well enough was enough; we would just sell it (again naïve I know). Then we found out that no other person on this planet wants your burden, you can’t even donate it without it costing you. Agencies want huge amounts of money just to take it out of your name. We tried to sell our timeshares for a dollar, only to find out that the timeshare agency does not have to accept our private buyer.

 We were bound and determined to get out of our timeshares (yes we owned two) and did our research. We contacted a number of agencies, then checked out the agencies with the BBB and the Attorney General’s office. We found a number of agencies that were there one day, gone the next, only to open up under a different name. Fortunately for us I came across Matthew Steel of Timesharecancel (

 The day we talked to Matthew at Timesharecancel we felt a huge relief. We were assured that the timeshares would be completely out of our names, guarantied or our money back. Mr. Steel explained in detail how he works in conjunction with us, to remove our name from the deeds. It sounded too simple, too good to be true, but honestly, everything went exactly like Mr. Steel guarantied that it would go. We were in constant contact via emails. Mr. Steel and his agency would get back to us immediately on any questions or concerns we had, and believe us when we say we had plenty. One of the most important questions for us was how fast could the process go. Mr. Steel explained that the time frame was dependent on how fast we could get the needed information back to him. We signed on with on November 10, 2010 and we are happy to report that as of March 10, 2011 we are officially and forever a timeshare owner no more.

 We fully endorse Mr. Steel and If you do your research you will definitely find a gem of an agency and feel safe putting your faith in this company.

Gratefully – Cheri & James Tusia