Colin and Kay

To Mr. Matthew Steel

 We were horrified to discover that we wanted to get out of our timeshare and thought the process would have no problems, just advertise and sell!

 We contacted Diamond Resorts and explained we could no longer afford the management fee and wanted to sell. They sent us info about agents who would sell it on our behalf (they don’t buy back) and paid our fee upfront, nothing happened!

 We did not pay our annual management fee but heard nothing till they sold the debt off to a company demanding the payment. Desperation set in and we had to do something. We were skeptical about internet advertisement as we were misinformed before and we did not know which way to turn.

 We came across Timeshare Cancel Professionals online and asked lots of questions to Matthew Steel who made us very hopeful. The only problem was paying the money up front as we had been bitten before.

 We are extremely satisfied to say everything Matthew told us happened and in a professional, courteous and effective way. Do not be put off by using this service online, it has a very quick turn around to the question you are asking.

 We would definitely recommend them to anyone, keep up the good work and once again thank you.

Colin and Kay – Lancashire England