Matt Kibblewhite

To The Prospective TCProfessionals Client

 In May 2008, my wife and I went to the USA for a five-week holiday. It was the culmination of hard work to save the money and a life long dream of one day seeing this country. We visited many places and were having the time of our lives.

 Whilst in Las Vegas, we were offered free meals and vouchers by a timeshare company if we went and had look at their new resort. We had no idea what a timeshare was but as the people were friendly and the offer seemed genuine, we went and had a look. A 90 minute tour and presentation took around 4 hours and we were pressured into buying a timeshare that was promised to increase in value. After many promises, of which all were proven false, we were presented with a mountain of paperwork to sign and told it was all just a formality. After a year or so of paying high maintenance fees and increasingly high repayments, we found out our timeshare did not in fact increase in value and that we had been lured into something through false promises.

 We engaged the company to have our contract cancelled and of course they declined. To make matters worse, we had just paid off an $11,500.00 lump sum of hard earned savings to try and get our payment down. We are believers of paying out any debt and have done so all our lives but we felt this was a pure bred scam and we had no idea how to get ourselves out of this mess.

 I did hours and hours of research on the net over many days and came across TCProfessionals who were a Timeshare cancellation company.
I read they professionalised in dealing with scamming and illegal timeshare contracts and companies. I was of course at first very reserved to contact them to discuss our case as I wanted nothing to do with anyone or anything involved in Timeshare cases, even if they claimed to help you cancel the contract legally. After a few days of discussion with my wife, we both agreed to give it a shot and contacted Matthew Steel of TCProfessionals.
It was the best decision I have ever made, pure and simply.

 Matthew was incredibly professional and knew what he needed to do to help us. From the get go, Matthew and his fellow colleague Taylor were very helpful and saved us from what appeared to be oblivion for us and our finances. They guided us through the whole process and prepared documents to send to the company in question and argued our case beautifully.

 They knew every protocol to take and every angle to make. We are so impressed with what they did for us and after about 10 weeks, they were able to get us a legal contract cancellation and also our lump sum of $11,500.00 back. To say we are forever grateful for their hard work and honesty and integrity in dealing with our case, and us would be an understatement. We felt as though a massive weight was lifted off our shoulders and we can finally get on with our lives.

 I seriously recommend anyone who has a Timeshare problem to contact TCProfessionals, as it will save your life. It certainly saved ours!

Matt Kibblewhite – Perth, Western Australia