Melly Palli

To Whom It May Concern

 I have been looking for my life savior from the prisoner of Time Share from Worldmark by Wyndham. I was so scared of not able to find one as I have been trapped since July 2007. For the dream of holidays I signed into the contract and couldn’t find my way out. What I was told as benefits weren’t the same in real situation. The ongoing levies keep rising up until I come across I just want to pointed and highlighted the name is as some companies are spammers out there. I have been in that situation where I just lost it like winds in second. Once they get on hold to your payment, they just disappeared.

 Sometimes, due to the timing difference between Sydney, Australia time zone and US I have to wait for his reply through email. At first, I was still concerned will he be there. I was given 2 testimonials before I went to the process and paid as I was really scared and nervous of the right savior as the outside world is just horrible. I called both of the referrals that I was given and talked to them which made me reassured and calm my mind. But, not long after there was voice that said what if the referrals are the friends’ of Matthew? What if this is another trap? I talked to my family and friends and asked their suggestions.

 However, the last decision was for me to take. Luckily I trusted Matthew, and since 15th February 2012 until today January 2013, I am free from my timeshare. There were only a few steps you have to take, and then just simply follow the instructions. The best part is you have to be patient and keep on praying. Nothing more I can say but just want to give full gratitude to Timesharecancel. com, (Matthew) for being there all these times. Many thanks to Matthew and his team and I sincerely hope for everyone out there who are still struggling in releasing himself/ herself as me, you have found the one. Don’t give up hope. I am so happy & relief, thank you.

Best Regards – Melly Palli