Mr and Mrs Syam

A Letter of Reference for Timeshare Cancel Professionals and Mr. Matthew Steel

 We are happy to write about out experience with the company, Timeshare Cancel Professionals and their Senior Case Manager, Mr. Matthew Steel. We had bought a timeshare in the States sometime ago only to realize that the verbal promises, based on which we made our purchase, were no good. We, therefore, hired TCP to get our contract cancelled. We found TCP to be an honest and reliable company that provided us with good service and followed through with their initial commitment till the very end.

 During the process, we worked with Matthew who guided us from filing our first affidavit to negotiating the final terms of cancellation. We found him to be both competent and knowledgeable. He took our case seriously, constantly tailoring the approach to the situation. He provided us with adequate information and options and guided us in making informed decisions. He was there to answer any questions we had and worked with our best interests in mind. He drafted appropriate rebuttals and dealt with frustrating situations with patience. His mature guidance, hard work and persistence finally led to the cancellation of our timeshare.

 We would gladly recommend Timeshare Cancel Professionals and Mr. Matthew Steel to anyone who is looking to hire a competent and trustworthy company for getting their timeshare cancelled.

Mr. and Mrs. Syam – Canada