Paul Nelson

A Letter Of Reference
 Matthew, I found your ad on the internet, one of very many, obviously there is a need. I had tried to get out of the perpetual maintenance trap of the time share industry. Polo seemed totally impossible to deal with me being unable to get anyone to discuss options with me, and when I pressed they would turn and walk away.  I actually contemplated walking around Polo with a sign offering a free week to anyone who would take it, but I could not get Polo to tell me how to transferr ownership and I actually began to fear retaliation. After dealing with several of their managers at presentations, where I was told by concierge that they would address my concerns. I realised I was a hostage to their scheme with only the downside of special assessments to look forward to.  Interval International seemed only to be able to fill requests for trades at high volume timeshare groups, ie. Westgate and one in Orlando where I had to face a high pressure sales effort that made me regret trading. Matthew you were reassuring and seemed very competent and knowledgeable and I never regretted signing with your guaranteed service. It all went as you said and I no longer have to figure payments to Polo in my estate planning.
Sincerely – Paul Nelson