Salim Vhora

To whom it may concern

 I contacted Matthew Steel at Time Share Cancel Professionals in August 2011 to see if was possible to cancel my Grandview timeshare contract. I was on holidays with my family to US during July 2011 and all was well until I accepted the offer of cheap show tickets at one of the ticketing places in Vegas. We were told that to take advantage of the offer, we need to visit a new casino being built on the outskirts of town and may have lunch there. We were given the impression this would be a very short trip (one hour max) and a great opportunity to visit a grand new casino that was still being built. When we arrived at the given address we discovered that we were actually visiting the Grandview Resort and not a new casino!

 What followed is a long history, but after nearly six hours of sales speech and brainwash we ended up signing a legally binding contract and finally our well earned show tickets and meal vouchers.

 On return from our trip I looked at what we had signed and did some research on the timeshare concept. We soon realized that we have signed up for a life long commitment to pay Grandview; and stress of committing to holidays which we may not be able to do every year.

 When I first found out about TCP my reactions was that of skepticism, especially, paying upfront for the services after having a bad experience. However, just after first contact with Matthew I had a feeling that the person on the side of the email/phone is genuine and that there is a faint hope of coming out of this mess. He could read my mind and relate to my experience which was reassuring and gave me some confidence to sign up with TCP.

 Matthew also put me in contact with a fellow Aussie to whom he had helped previously and had a successful cancellation with Grandview. After talking to my fellow Aussie, who was full of praise of TCP and Matthew, I had no hesitation to pay TCP upfront for their fees.

 Finally, after nearly three months of initial communication and a series of other letters with Grandview, I received a short letter from Grandview stating that my contract has been cancelled and all of my 10% deposit has been refunded to my credit card account. It was one of the best days of my life and it restored my faith in humanity and that Good prevails at the end!

 My experience in dealing with Matthew and TCP was truly amazing. His knowledge on scam in timeshare industry in the US and related legal framework is impeccable. He demonstrated integrity, honesty and a willingness to get the job done. He guided me to complete our affidavit and through every other communications between me and Grandview. The response time with TCP was almost instantaneous despite different time zones. Above all, Matthew was a pleasure to speak to and deal with.

 Lastly, I would highly recommend Time Share Cancel Professionals when looking for a professional and trustworthy service that is so desperately needed.

Salim Vhora – Sydney, Australia