Wanda Z

Timeshare Cancel Recommendation

 I am writing this recommendation, because Timeshare Cancel saved our lives. We were like a lot of people stuck in a contract and not knowing what to do to get out of it. In 2011 we were approached at the mall by Silverleaf Resorts about spinning a wheel to win a cruise or trip to Vegas and were sucked in from there. They told us we had to do a 90 min presentation in order to receive our trip. When we went for the presentation we were told all kinds of false misleading information that had us thinking we were getting the deal of a lifetime. We would have a vacation spot we could use whenever we wanted if we picked the right package and we could pass it down to our children, claim it on our taxes.

 After we said we couldn’t afford it they really put the pressure on calling over other workers to convince us then we fell for it. Once we got into the office it was all sign here, sign there, initial here. Nothing was explained nor had they given us time to even go over the papers. First off the presentation was supposed to be 90 mins. They kept us from 2:30 pm until about 8:30 pm. They told us we could not make a reservation until we got our member cards because we would not be in the system.

 Exactly a week later we were called to come stay a free night at the resort and do a follow up meeting in the morning. At the meeting the lady explained that what we were told were lies but they couldn’t do anything and it just so happens that the day they called to invite us out was the last day we had that we could cancel the contract which we didn’t know about. The lady calls her manager in and they act as if they feel sorry but cant let us out of contract but could upgrade us to a better timeshare that was 10 thousand dollars more than the one we had. Of course we fell for that too.

 Every time we made reservations we never got to stay in what we were paying for, or they were booked up. After months of looking for a way to get out of our contract, since I was told they wouldn’t release us I came across Timeshare Cancel. I talked to Matthew who was very patient and helpful: answered all the questions I had, encouraged me not to take anymore mess from the hassling calls, and always got back to me in a timely manner with everything. After about 6 weeks from Matthew starting my case, Silverleaf sent my release paperwork. We would most definitely recommend Timeshare Cancel if you have a situation like ours, or similar.

Sincerely – Wanda Z