Need Financial Assistance?

During this difficult economic time, we are pleased to offer a guaranteed timeshare cancellation process for a fixed fee that ranges between $3500 – $5000 depending on a simple qualification process. Timeshare Cancel Professionals is the only organization offering financial assistance to consumers in order to help with the fees associated with the cancellation of their timeshare contracts.

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How We Can Help

We help protect your credit and have a high success rate in recovering your money! 

The full support service that you can trust……. timeshare industry experts. 

Let our professional staff assist you from beginning to end in your cancellation process. 

We have been assisting consumers since 2004 using various legal platforms to exercise consumer rights. 

We also provide the proper third party involvement to expedite the consumers’ release using the Real Estate Commissions, the Attorneys General, the Federal Trade Commission, and the appropriate international governing agency such as PROFECO in Mexico to pressure the resorts to comply. 

When necessary, our affiliated attorneys assist us in the cancellation process. 

Let our staff advise you of your consumer protection rights. 

We can help you cancel your timeshare contract and in many cases get your money back!

We help cancel Wyndham contracts.

Ask about our speedy Silver Leaf Cancellations.


We also assist Canadians, UK, Australia and all points international!