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We contacted Timeshare Cancel after being very forcefully and skillfully talked into buying a timeshare membership. After realizing what a huge mistake it was we were very embarrassed, angry and feeling very trapped. We began to look into what options we had as it was after our cooling off period that we realized we wanted out. I contacted Timeshare Cancel because they advertised a 100% guarantee of canceling the contract or money back.

We were very skeptical that it would work and thought they were just going to be another company scamming our money. We took the risk as we felt we had no other option and were nervous and skeptical throughout the entire process. However they were great! We had out contract cancelled and all money refunded. To us it was worth very dollar using Timeshare Cancel and we are so grateful to them and recommend them to you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like proof I am a real person and this was a real case (I was skeptical of ones I read).

Ronald R

This was a smooth, easy process. The team was very professional.

Kara B

We got out of our Timeshare with little effort and the staff at Timeshare Cancel Professionals got back to us in a timely manner, took care of our concerns, and were great to deal with!

Janet H

I couldn’t be happier! Timeshare Professionals guided me throughout the entire process. They patiently answered all my questions and helped me end my timeshare contract without further obligation. It took some time, though, about 8 months from start to finish. It was well worth the time, and it cost less than my annual fees would have. Thank you, Timeshare Cancel Professionals!

Cheri and James Tusia

We are a couple who naively purchased a timeshare when our children were small, thinking that we could travel the world. Then of course our bubble burst. Like many other families, we were led to believe that we could trade in our timeshare for other destinations only to find that we would have to book at least two years in advance, just to get our ninth choice of places to stay. Of course, no one told us that in order to travel we had to also belong to RCI, other dues, and our maintenance fees would continually go up every year, and to top it off, they were always changing the stipulations on travel fees, Yikes!

Paul Nelson

Matthew, I found your ad on the internet, one of a very many, obviously there is a need. I had tried to get out of the perpetual maintenance trap of the time share industry. Matthew you were reassuring and seemed very competent and knowledgeable, and I never regretted signing with your guaranteed service. It all went as you said, and I no longer have to figure payments to Polo in my estate planning.

Donald C

Matt S**** and his staff at Timeshare Cancel were very understanding, knowledgeable and helpful in this difficult, frustrating process. What a joy it was to have them guide us through this. This was a long process, but so very well worth it. We are free of it now. Thank the Lord!

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