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We contacted Timeshare Cancel after being very forcefully and skillfully talked into buying a timeshare membership. After realizing what a huge mistake it was we were very embarrassed, angry and feeling very trapped. We began to look into what options we had as it was after our cooling off period that we realized we wanted out.

I contacted Timeshare Cancel because they advertised a 100% guarantee of canceling the contract or money back. We were very skeptical that it would work and thought they were just going to be another company scamming our money.

We took the risk as we felt we had no other option and were nervous and skeptical throughout the entire process. However they were great! We had out contract cancelled and all money refunded. To us it was worth very dollar using Timeshare Cancel and we are so grateful to them and recommend them to you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like proof I am a real person and this was a real case (I was skeptical of ones I read).

Ronald R

This was a smooth, easy process. The team was very professional.